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The Crappie Killer

"Advancements in fishing have come in quantum leaps of late. We
marvel at the sophisticated technical gadgets and gizmos available
to fishermen today. Some of these products, unfortunately, are
designed to catch the fisherman, not fish.
The Bait Pump is designed by a fisherman to help fishermen of all
skill levels catch more fish. The Bait Pump is a simple tool designed
around a simple concept based on a necessity.

To catch more fish, having the most attractive bait in the water is
the key. Having scent injected into your bait will make it more
attractive to the fish regardless of your level of experience or
ability to entice the fish to strike. Using The Bait Pump is the most
effective way to inject dense attractants, such as Crappie Nibbles,
into tube baits. Having and using a Bait Pump will help you catch
more fish, period.”

Mark Gromlovits
Southern Outdoor Adventures Television
F.U.N. Productions
Crappie Killer Inc.
The Crappie Killer

Southern Outdoor Adventures Television