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History of The Bait Pump

One day three years ago fishing was slow, so my dear old uncle started using a new product he had found called ‘Berkley Crappie Nibbles’. He starting catching crappie, and soon had me using them. At the end of the day we had our limit and could cull from the live well and brought home 100, 1 to 2 pound crappie. The only problem was for every crappie caught, 1 to 3 nibbles ended up in the bottom of the boat due to the fish shaking and our other nibbles, on our four jig setup, would be shaken off, plus the constant removal of the nibbles by bream or smaller crappie.
This caused a problem because the nibbles worked very well, and we didn’t want to stop using them, but the constant mess became more than my wife could stand when it came time to clean the boat.
This prompted me to look for a better way.
I tried syringes, turkey injectors, and even a turkey injector with the aid of a caulking gun.
Nothing worked well due to the high viscosity of the nibbles unless they were watered down to the point of being so thin that they would not last long even inside the jig.
A few months later I had the opportunity to design and machine ducks calls made from acrylic and this led to the design of The Bait Pump as it is today.
I made a few and tested it secretly to make sure that it worked, and I new right away that I had an advantage over others on those days the fishing was slow, without the mess in my boat.
On good days on the lake I found that the aid of crappie nibbles were not necessary, but I felt better knowing that they didn’t hurt anything being injected into my jigs.
The day came when I had to share with my family and friends because they struggled most days to catch, and new that I was doing something that made my bait more attractive to fish than theirs.
I made and gave away 10 Bait Pumps to them, (my uncle included), and immediately improved the catch that they other wise struggled with.
A friend of mine said if you don’t get a patent you are going to see it the shelf for sale at Wal-Mart one day and you would be sorry.

So to sum up the matter, The Bait Pump is used to enhance the use of soft plastics with a paste of a viscosity such that can not otherwise be easily injected.
I do not begrudge any of the jells or jellies on the market, they are great, the only problem I have with them is that the thicker paste last longer and I have more time for fishing and less time injecting.