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Invention is ultimate way to scent any soft plastics
Posted on April 20, 2003

The Town Talk
TIOGA - Anglers from around the state - and (keep your fingers crossed) eventually from around the nation - will have south Grant Parish resident Randy Hulin to thank as they are introduced to his handy new fishing invention.

This story began about a year ago after Hulin's wife of 26 years, Anna Hulin, became annoyed by the crappie nibbles, a scented bait attractant, that he and a relative were using that were falling into the bottom of the boat and creating a mess.

Hulin, a manufacturing engineer at Dresser Industries, began using a makeshift pump, not unlike a fat and stubby syringe, to force a mashed nibble into the tube jig, thereby attracting fish to the bait.

The new creation was proving to be incredibly helpful to Hulin as he tossed out his line in area lakes and continued to reel in fish.

Hulin knew he had a hit on his hands. After seeing a friend in Jena make a duck call from acrylic, he wrote a program and designed the bait pump - made out of the sturdy acrylic. It is this threaded design that allows the pump to inject a high-viscosity paste.

Soon, Hulin was making them out of his home and giving them to fishing friends and neighbors to try.

"My friends were like, 'Oh wow!" Hulin said.

Finally, Hulin took the next step, which was to patent the invention so "it wouldn't be something I would see two years from now on a shelf at Wal-Mart."

"I paid a patent attorney to do a search on this item," Hulin said.

After getting the patent, Hulin worked on getting a company to manufacture the product.

Hulin and his wife have spent the winter and spring promoting the Bait Pump, including visits to television shows in Alexandria and Lafayette.

"After we were interviewed on TV, we were getting calls about the Bait Pump for two weeks straight," said Anna Hulin.

The couple has also placed it in local small shops including Herbie's Tackle Box, Pineville Marine, Holloway General Store, and Red Pearson's Landing at Saline-Larto.

Anna Hulin is focusing on promoting and marketing the Bait Pump, a job that will take her around the state this year and possibly to other states as well.

The Hulin's sold approximately 200 Bait Pumps, with many more sales anticipated.

There will be two pump sizes offered, he said.

The smaller one will be for crappie bait, which can be injected in smaller plastic bait and a larger pump for bass and larger fish that injects bait shrimp and crawfish or any recipe the angler thinks might work into soft plastic baits.

In the meantime, the Hulins are very excited about where this new invention will take them.

"I see a day where many anglers will keep a Bait Pump in their tackle box," Hulin said. "Everybody who has one says the same thing because they know how well it works."

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