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The Bait Pump comes in two sizes. One for Bass tubes and one for Crappie tubes, or other soft plastics. (22kb) Best used with 'Berkley Crappie Nibbles', or other high viscosity bait paste. (27kb) Simple two piece design makes assembly easy! (26kb)
Long lasting durable arcylic, that unabused will last a lifetime! (23kb) Now scenting soft plastics can be simple and no mess on your hands or in your boat! (24kb) A small amount will go a long way and very easy to load! (26kb)
The newest innovative concept in scenting technology today! (28kb) Soft plastic scenting made easy to make your plastic baits taste real! (27kb) Fill it with the confidence of no mess to deal with! (26kb)
Efficient and cost saving because it uses less scented attractant per bait! (27kb) Simple and easy to use! (26kb) One injection into the tube can produce many catches! (28kb)
Why put scent on the outside when you can put it inside? (20kb) Put the scent where it counts. The Bait Pump adds life to your plastics! (21kb) Don't just fish....Catch! (23kb)
Gives you more time for a hookset! A must for every tackle box! (31kb) The only way to successfully inject high viscosity paste scent attractants! (32kb)